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Jack Hutchinson- "Battles"

Been British and a blues prodigy acn sometimes be a curs, an albatross around the neck as a whole generation of young British guitar blues masters are struggling along with their US peers to find their way between traditional blues and the new sound the times demand. JH took a right turn and with the help of his voice that is reminiscent of a more low tone Ozzy from time to time he focuses on the more hard rocking aspect of his music.

Being a guitar virtuoso, doesn't mean he indulges himself in long meaningless fretboard tactics. He focuses more on composing punchy, meat and potatoes songs. Songs that aim to the audience in the concert hall and turn away from radio or commercial success. Although ;'Love is the law" has this catchy chorus and strong pulse like the commercial side of ALMIGHTY ready to grasb you from the throat."Dont let the fuckers get you down" is another statement for those outsiders who try to keep on ,survive and let their own fotprint at the rock world

. J H has the package, strong riffs, tight band and a voice that won't pass without a notice along with in your face songs. Check him out now before he catapults to the major league.


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