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Animals As Leaders- "Parrhesia"

Animals As Leaders new album is again a fine example of a band that combines fusion jazz and progressive metal in one unique and “easy listening” style.The band is highly technically equipped and on the other hand have these jazzy element that comes closer to E.S.T than to Dream Theater . In my humble opinion animals as leader are the best band Steve Vai if I could have as backup musicians if he didn’t have his own band. They dare to challenge the listener with musicianship and not always complexity, fusing melodies with time signatures that are not familiar to the metal community.

The relax form of jazz jam meets the heavy side of the modern metal fusion creating an amalgam of sounds familiar to everyone who loves modern fusion music. Heavy, distorted and with a dark sense of melody they give compositions like “prayers and…” that are delight for those who are in to modern metal fusion without losing themselves in self indulgence and technical complexity.An album for music lovers beyond genres.


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