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Arjen Luccasen - "Golden age of music"

Who said 70s are gone. Arjne proves with this album that they are here, alive and well. An album by this well known musician that is the outlet for his deep, true love for the 70s Hard rock and glm rock. DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, SWEET and ABBA are all here in a well crafted attempt to relive the melodic passion of the 70s."Golden age of music" cloud be among the best songs DEEP PURPLE have never written with great hammond and guitar solos. The most astonishing element in this album is the memorable melodies, from the backpages of ABBA songbook, they stay in your mind, a long time after the song has ended.

The 70s feeling has also its more progressive expressions as in "The rise of starman" where are SCORPIONS meet RAINBOW is a unique mixture."Burn it down" has the stamp of "Smoke on the water" all over it, a fitting tribute to one of the most known rock songs ever, through the Arjens filter and a part of "Heaven and Hell: BLACK SABBATH, guess this is what BLACK SABBATH wanted to achieve at "Born again". "Odyssey" has an early Malmnsteen epic feeling that gets us back to RAINBOW so at the end it was and is Richie Blackmore, the original inspiration."Golden boy" is a mre majestic, progressive song that echos YES and the various Lukccasjen progressive metal projects."Fight of the century" is another hard rock anthem.A more heavy, DEEP Purplish 'Came to mock, stay to rock" flirts with the SWEET meets DEEP PURPLE aspect of the band, a bit more playful, groovy tune.The TREX cover, is a bit on the heavy side and it lacks the hippie/revolutionary feeling  of the original , it sounds more like a Hard rock band approaches in the 70s a 60s classic, not a bad cover but definitely a more metallic one.The same goes to teh ZZ TOP cover that has the DEEP PURPLE stamp all over it. The interesting cover of "Love is all '' from "Butterfly ball" shows the origins of Arjens inspiration for this album, proving him a real  70s aficionado .

So this is the glam, hard rcok 70s according to Arjen Lucassjen and the final result is that 70s was DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW at the maximum for him and he makes a great tribute to them with this album.


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