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AUTUMN'S CHILD- "Zenith" (Pride & Joy music)

One of the most underrated bands of the melodic rock scene and the Scandinavian scene, AUTUMN'S CHILD return with album number 3. As usual all the elements that made them one of the most quality bands of the genre are here, keyboards that give to the songs the melodic essence yet remain progressive in some spots and more pop at others, flirting with the 70s at songs like 'Emergency". Guitars that come straight form the EUROPE/Kee Marcello song book and a sound maybe not so polished as "Prisoners in paradise" but with all the glory of BOSTON,TOTO, HARDLINE, GIANT,Robin Beck and Cher. You may doubt my words but songs like "Evangeline' proves the opposite.

It's a shame in these years when bands like HOUSTON,NESTOR etc all great bands ,AUTUMN'S CHILD still be an underground band for the real connoisseurs of the AOR genre.And dont forget their origin. Bands like ABBA and ROXETTE show their influence on catchy hooks and melodic lines at songs like "Love is a fighter". But the bands diversity shows more and more prolific and different faces as the album moves to ir=ts end. Glam and sleaze , bit SWEET, bit CHEAP TRICK at songs like "Crowd Pleaser', "Don't wanna' and the temperature rises at volcanic levels.


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