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Ayron Jones-"Child of state"

In his second recording work, Ayron Jones provides modern Hard work that has equal elements form RATM, AUDIOSLAVE as Lenny Kravitz and Jimi Hendrix ,all fused in the Hard rock pot. Modern hard rock with some blues elements is a decent description of this exceptional album. Ayron Jones plays music that fuses styles and goes beyond boundaries.From The Hard rock opener "Boys from the puget sound" to the more grunge "Take me away' and the Brit pop assault of "Supercharged" the basic elements of great riffing and catchy tunes are all here. Jones and his bandmates write modern radio hits. Danko Jones and GARBAGE are artists that come to mind at the same time. The heaviness of "Free" is balanced by the melody and the modern structure of the song.Gary Clark jr is meeting Lenny Kravitz jamming over some 90s rock hits and the result is "Child of state".

The fresh air of Jones songwriting comes liberating in our days of plastic pop and rock music where stereotypes rule. Even The ballad "My love remains" has a sentimental depth and an intimacy that makes the listener push the repeat. A stripped down ballad that ignites in the refrain . 'Spinning circles' on the other side shows the pop sensibilities of the band and some serious song craft that is one of the strong points of Ayron Jones."Baptized in muddy waters' brings the blues in front ,asking for the listener to enjoy the 21st century blues. The closing track "take your time" is another example why this album is a shine of light in the stagnant modern US hard rock. Brave, radio friendly and yet rocking although the soul elements give the song its own unique twist.

Overall an album to listen and listen to and get new elements every time. A great piece of music in these difficult times from a promising artist.


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