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Black label society- "Doom crew inc"

Zak Wylde picked his guitar and along with new and old members of his crew gave us another BLS album. Differences with the past , minors but important.Less distorted,yet heavy, is a fine mix between Ozzy of the “No more tears '' period and the Vol4 Black sabbath with some Allman brothers overtones. Zakk has studied his,lesson well and in songs like "End of days", "Set you free" is melodic yet heavy and wah wah fuzz oriented with a sense of melody that has direct references to BEATLES and the 60s. Wylde has put less elements to surprise the listener this time. The album has few, quiet moments , as he said himself these are some mid tempo ballads that work fine with his voice. But it is at the heavyweight ones that draw our attention.

Guitar wise the album is as always beyond expectations, especially as the guitar dwells, pay off well. Songs like 'Gather my sins' and "Gospel Of lies" are fine examples of the high standard of musicianship, guitar playing presented in this album. BLS are with a less distorted, yet heavy album where the more quiet moments are songs like the touching "Farewell ballad" where ZW shows the years of maturity as musician and as human being. If you follow them, BLS have for the last decade moved from the fuzz infused rebels to a bit more melodic, yet heavy form, that suits their frontman, without getting in forms and limitations.

A true BLS album, uncompromising, heavy and yet diverse and above all heavy metal without any chance to doubt it.


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