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BLUEDAHLIA- "BlueDahlia feat Paul Shortino and Tracy G"

It is not a surprise at all, when two of the most underrated musicians in the US Hard rock scene (especially Tracy G) gather together and create a modern hard rock album that outshines most of the younger bands. Paul Shortino (ROUGH CUTT,QUIET RIOT,Shortino) and Tracey G (Dio,WWIII) have the credentials and the body of work but fame was never easy on them. Although both and especially Shortino are far more than recognizable and accepted in the music community, fame and fortune was always escaping them. BLUE DAHLIA won't change that but will reinstate them in the younger fans mind as creditable musicians who are more than prolific and with the fire of inspiration burning strong in them.

From the modern rocker "We will rise" to the soulful ballad of "Sunset blue' with the Gary Moore touches, the duet is in top form. The sharp riffs-Tracy G has a soft spot for low tuned riffs that bring down walls, the groovy rhythm section, the dark, velvet vocals combined in a heavy, straight forward album that brings the best out of the LA scene with a much more modern sound. LYNCH MOB would be something to have an idea if you re looking for similar artists or even modern day EUROPE. It is the sum of the musicians that makes the equation positive. Shortino is as usual at top form,while Tracy G delivers powerful, low tuned riffs and some classic LA solo to remind us how a good rock song is structured.When Darkness Falls (featuring Vinny Appice on drums)is a fine example of modern heavy rock,"Fallen from grace" is a slow burner while the dark blues of "Alpine valley" makes "Black velvet" sounds like a nursery home lullaby., "Change your attitude" is in the DEEP PURPLE vein of bluesy, speed up rock n roll."You don't have to say you love me", is the second Gary Moore influenced song, with great performances by both musicians and a blinding blues solo by Tracy G. But is at songs like "Wash away the pain" and "Count on you" where the dark side of DOKKEN possesses the duet and creates modern rock monsters.Two seasoned musicians who have more than enough fuel to bring modern heavy rock and convert the infidels to the true rock religion.


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