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Brothers Osborne- "Brothers Osborne"

Brothers Osborne are back with another album of soulful country. The main characteristic of their sound, the subconscious melodies that stay in the listener's mind are all here. Their introspective lyrics, the lyricism, the colorful bitterness are all ever present. This is a mature album from this duet who knows what to want and how to express it. Keeping the loneliness and the tears of country melting with the soul , the groove and the emotion of black music, infiltrated by a modern FM/pop filter as both are well known hired composers, Brothers Osborne gave us an album with mid tempo, thoughtful country pop songs, far away from the Nashville radio loving country.

They are aiming to a more mature, open minded audience that likes tradition and contemporary blended. Songs like "Nobody's Nobody", "Love you too", "New bad habit" and the beautiful "Aint nobody got time for that" are well crafted modern country pop songs that deliver and captivate the listener with their hooks and simplicity.

An album that works in various levels from traditional to contemporary and is most and above all an exhibition of songwriting and performance by the brothers.


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