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C.O.F.F.I.N- "Australia stops"

Aussies knows better, when it comes to rock n roll. From ACDC to ROSE TATTOO and THE SAINTS to COSMIC PSYCHOS and THE DUBROVNIKS, they know better and do it better. This punk hard rocker brew starts with a fierce pub rock anthem "Give me a bite" where ACDC meets MOTORHEAD and spreads their wings over a guitar driven garage tune with a great sing along chorus, simply devastating, ear destroying and lovable. Distortion rules and C.O.F.F.I.N keep up the good work at the speed rocker "Cut you off".

This quartet are the bastard children of MOTORHEAD and ACDC and I guess THE STOOGES would find some guitar influences to their sound too.Children of Finland Fighting in Norway (C.O.F.F.I.N) as their full name is, are simply in your face punk rock n roll with Hard rock touches."City sun" with its punk attitude is the right song to prove it. "Keep it dark" is a fine example of what MOTORHEAD would sound like if they were from Sidney. "Beasts" is a beast on its own with some devilish harmonica and a tight early ACDC rhythm section, like the blues from hell and among album highlights."Australia stops" suffers by a massive riff that needs walls of Marshalls to explode violently to anyone who won't go berserk with its brain stalking chorus. "Factory man" slows down the pace a little just to get a more nervous, anxious approach to twelve bar rock n roll. Whiskey, distortion and rock n roll the triptych, C.O.F.F.I.N serve faithfully and successfully

."Nightbreaker '' is a vicious mid tempo, torturing "melodic" blues rocker with alternative (90s) touches, perfect soundtrack song for the next Mad Max with the T.S.O.L stamp all over it."Through the sewer" is a self explanatory dirty, distorted twelve bar, punk rocker that decides to give a wink to stoner rock in the middle with a slow down, distorted part before return to normality and rock n roll decadence.. Closing track "Faceless" won't change the recipe but add some more punk rock spice making VIBRATORS, GBH, DISCHARGED and all the Epitaph bands happy for their heritage in Australia.

Whatever your music taste is, if you are into punk rock, Aussie rock and heavy metal, these guys are a band to discover (if you don't know by now) and love. Two guitars, bass guitar, drums and tons of dirty, angry music and distortion are exactly what you need to have a great Saturday or another day's night


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