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Crimson Fire-"Another dimension"(No remorse records)

Greek melodic power metalers CRIMSON FIRE return with their third full length album. For those who are into IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST,RACER X, and at the same time have a soft spot for EUROPE, Swedish melodic rock in general, TREAT etc, they have a treat for you with their new album. From the icebreaker opener "Judas" where the crowds sig along the IRON MAIDEN riff, to the more heavy prog "Don't fall from the sky", the 80s are here in the metal way. HELLOWEEN meets SILVER MOUNTAIN meets HAMMERFALL meets CRIMSON FIRE in their own unique melodic, heavy sound, where AOR and heavy Unites.

You think the album will be a HELLOWEEN meets MAIDEN candy and then comes "On the edge" and you feel the VIXEN era melodic rock taking the creative reins. 'Fire below" has the US power metal name written all over it, name it HEIR APPARENT, LIEGE LORD , it really doesn't matter, the quality is here. And then comes 'Set the night of fire' an 80 keyboard driven song, that you may compare with BATTLE BEAST etc but Mr.Britsas and Mr.Ganitis were 80s before the whole 80s retro movement with NFO came up front. So here we have a great metal/disco song where the palm trees bow to the musical intelligence of the Greek rockers. Imagine Miami Vice with better music and the dreadful suits and haircuts of Don Johnson, in leather edition. Great guitar work that compliments the songs, retaining the metal sound without making the whole project becoming retro. On the contrary is fresh and attractive to both Metal fans and fans of good music, to understand the width of their appeal.

"No fear' is an in your face heavy rock attack that "Lightning strikes" era LOUDNESS would love to have written."Eye of the storm" has the late 80s metal feeling with a Swedish pop scent and a great performance by Mr.Britsas and the rest of the band in an amalgam of heavy music and pop sensibility. SCORPIONS, JUDAS PRIEST and JEFFERSON STARSHIP in one song."Sold my soul" is pure US metal of the early 90s, from FIFTH ANGEL to LIZZY BORDEN. I guess you understand, there is no need to praise the twin guitar attack. It is all over the place, meaningful, melodic and never over exceeding."Chasing time" is another example of their musical diversity, where the 80s pop scene meets metal in the most fulfilling way. To put it simple for fans of melodic heavy rock and melodic power metal, US influenced, this is a great addition to your cd/album collection.


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