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DIRTY HONEY- "Can't find the brakes"

Retro, Hard rock, blues originated, classic rock quartet from LA are an example that time is not one dimension and expands according to the conditions. In a parallel universe, Bon Scot's AC DC, early AEROSMITH and probably Pat Travers trio could jam together over some "Night in the rut" tunes. This is the spot where DIRTY HONEY comes into the room , steals the tamplatures, the demo tapes and the drugs and moves through the wormhole to modern day L.A to give us the "Can't find the brakes" abum. "Won't take me alive" is the best AEROSMITH song that toxic twins never wrote and one of the best performances Steven Tyler could have given if it wasn't for his rivalry Matt La Belle, a man with pipes , attitude and timber that has the edge of Tyler and the strength of him in his prime time with a small hint of Robert Plant at the lower notes. "Dirty mind" is another mid tempo, groovy rocker that really shakes the tree.

DIRTY HONEY are a tight, hard rockin band that reminds me of the early days of THE ANSWER and THE BLACK CROWES although the DH are more US Hard rock oriented. The blues echo strong in their guitars, but it is the lean , stack rhythm section, especially drummer Jaydon Bean, a human freight train behind the kit, that makes their sound distinctable. A freight train on the loose with the rest of the band performing the best of the AEROSMITH/ACDC catalogue inflitrated through their own imaginative sogwriting perspective. "Roam" starts with some compulsory 70s organ and major guitar riffs, a song ready for the Fillmore East, oozing 70s, LED ZEPPELIN, Janis Joplin and all inbetween. The bass lines of Justin Smollan give the inner beating of the song while guitarist John Notto finds another chance to show off in an emblematic 70s way: more notes, less scales. "Get a little high" is another tight ass, stomp rocker, destined to raise the clubs with its groove. "Coming home" is the typical, mid tempo, semi-acoustic ballad, to low the high blood pressure from the fast rockers that came before. But the groove is all around , the riffs too and here it comes the same title song, a more down to earth hard rock tune who winks to the funk and blues."Satisfied" is a bit more raw, mid tempo ACDC like rocker, that will keep you satisfied, with a great guitar rock n roll solo in the middle section.Another laid back song at "You make it alright" , where the star of the show is LaBelle's voice with its falsetto. The closing 'Rebel son" is a LED ZEPPELIN inspired, mid tempo, slow funky rocker. With the guitar riff filling the background , it lets LaBelle sing his story while the rest of the band explodes sonically one by one, bar to bar.

DIRTY HONEY have studied their homework well. There in no way, revivalists but a band of time travelers who like their music, sweet, edgy, groovy and dirty, watching the sunset in California or smoking the last joint at a New York club. Let the music do the talking and get yourself some DIRTY HONEY, now it is still affordable.


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