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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

Fantastic Negrito- "Grandfather courage"

A live acoustic album in the MTV unplugged fashion. A chance for FN to show his deeper influences and let the music shine even in its most simplest form. Along with some honky tonk piano, female vocals and acoustic guitars he makes his signature songs even more powerful as his lyrics are equally not to say stronger than his music. "Locked down" is a more field blues with the female backing vocals adding depth and Fantastic Negrito gives extra pain with his torture vocals.From the opener "Drifting away" is reminding of Cat Stevens and "Wild world" with its 70s laid back feeling. But songs like "Higher bidder" with the 70s feeling and the funky groove , the all gun blazing delta blues "Oh Betty" with the gospel choruses and the stripped down elegy of "You better have a gun" are those who keep their reputation and become stronger with the new acoustic rendition, stripped down of the electricity, focus on the essence of the songs .

"They go low" is a mesmerizing rendition of the original , a deep jazzy laid back track."Trudoo" is another outstanding track with its Southern, honky tonk feeling and its haunting chorus."In my head" is one of the few upbeat songs in the album, with its rocking rhythm and high spirits."Virginia soil" is closing the album in a more countrified blues way, keeping the tempo low and the spirit high with its meaningful lyrics about freedom will come.

An album stripped down, laid back, dark in places aiming more at the heart , a tribute to the everlasting power of the field blues, gospel and soul..


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