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Gabrielle del Val -"Kiss in a dragon night" (Escape Music)

The idea of combining a new although in the scene since 1987 and upcoming AOR/Hard rock singer with some of the Holy monsters of the AOR scene would scare the s...t out of most young artists. Not for GDV. She raises the glove and accepts the challenge ,with cold blood and warm voice. Duets with the names like Mark Boals, Robin McAuley,Tery Brock, Steve Overland sometimes suffocate her like in "Natural high" a song that has only one star ,Steve Overland, some other times work perfectly for her velvet, yet powerful voice.

The Spanish singer's range/soundscape moves somewhere between Ann Wilson and Robin Beck , GDV sings her heart out , her vocal performance at "When midnight comes" with Mark Boals watching straight in the eye of everyone who has a duet with her. An album with interesting compositions, set up somewhere between HEART, HOUSE OF LORDS and Robin Beck with a nice cover of 'Moonlight shadow" a bit more heavy with a great on the spot vocal delivery.The second cover is a bit unusual for choice "Stayin alive" from MAGNUM ,from their album "II", she really makes it her own. Besides the great guest vocalists the album features well known musicians such as Gary Pihl (Boston), Eric Ragno (Joe Lynn Turner), Johan Kullberg (HammerFall) and Fredrik Folkare (Nordic Union)

"Kiss in a dragon night " is Hard rock with AOR edges to some songs like "Pay for the lonely nights", "Let's get something started", more FM directed in others "Fight for love", "Candle in the window". It serves perfectly its scope, as a vehicle for the promising singer to perform and show to the world her abilities. The same title track is a fine example on how duets can work in favor of both well established (McAuley) and upcoming (GDV) singers. The closing track "Hold on" is reminiscent of how a power ballad can work perfectly when you combine the right voices and musicians (Mike Devine-Gary Phil-GDV) Her vocal range and sentiment in combination with some first line names of the genre keep the result far above mediocre.

A great introduction album for a newcomer veteran (sic), has to be followed by something on her own. Still a very enjoyable melodic rock album


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