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George Gakis-"Parallel dimensions" (Rock of Angels records)

The return of George Gakis from Ioannina is always something that brings a smile to the Hard rock community. GG is well known for his love of the early WHITESNAKE, the blues and rock music in general. With "Parallel dimensions" he seems to incorporate a bit more contemporary elements in part of his work. His company of usual suspects i his new crime are Bob Saganas - Guitars / Bass ,Sotiris Gakis - Drums

The opening song "Insane" has an alternative feeling, I could take an oath I find some Brit Pop influences in this mid tempo rocker until in the middle of the song he decides to give us a warm neo classical solo before bursting into a blues infused storm. And then comes the flood..."Everything she wants" and Y&T, SHOUT and WHITESNAKE are all together in this muscular piece of Hard rock , big riffs, groove and sweat in a song straight from the 80s. Next in line is a tear burster in the name of "Who makes you a woman" where DEEP PURPLE meets Glen Hughes in a strong, emotionally charged mid tempo rocker with acoustic interludes and a monstrous main guitar riff."Nightmare dreamer" is a country and western, blues infused mid tempo rocker with some howling harmonica giving the song depth and attitude."Torn" is a deeply emotional, powerful, mid tempo ballad with the WHITESNAKE stamp all over it but, Gakis add some nice violins etc making the song mellower where it needs and more powerful emotionally, one of the piece de resistance of the album. Same title song is a fast paced rocker where Gakis infuses his more heavy,US influences with a more metallic edge. Next in line is another groovy, hard rock anthem in the face of "My daddy said" with a Florida swamp twist, southern style melodies and again addictive massive,solid riffs. Groovy hard rock at "I love to kiss your love" with some great guitar harmonics at the chorus and the honky tonk feeling, a good rock n roll song needs to show. "Dancing with your demons"is a fine example on how Gakis looks straight in the eyes Dave Meniketti and his blues albums, heavy, muscular,edgy, passionate hard rockin blues, demands your attention and pay you back for it with a big smile of satisfaction. "In the name of rock n roll" is the song that closes the album. A title that won't ask for novelty prize and the same goes for the song. But it's only rock n roll and we like it. A distorted twelve bar, with Gakis whiskey soaked voice making it a ballroom favorite for all rockers, sinners and most and above all, greasers.

So at the end of the day, has George Gakis reinvented the wheel? Hell no!!! Did he make another good, Hard rockin, blues rooted, guitar driven ,WHITESNAKE lovin album, Hell yeah!!! So send the purists to the fire and enjoy an artist loyal to his beliefs, tastes who has the guts and the skills to play Hard rock , blues favored with success in 2023. George Gakis and Stavros Papadopoulos (REVOLUTION HIGHWAY, SUPER VINTAGE, SHADOWPLAY PROJECT (RORY GALLAGHER TRIBUTE), HARD DRIVER, FREEROCK SAINTS, UNIVERSAL HIPPIES, CHILDREN OF AEGEAN & STONED OLYMPUS) are the Hard rock/retro rock Greek musicians you ought to know but as usual you are in to every second rate foreign guy and let them slip into obscurity. in a "Parallel dimension" Gakis and Papadopoulos would fill arenas in a Hard rock Release Festival.Do yourself a favour and listen to these guys and give 'Parallel dimensions" a good listen for start.


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