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45 years and still going strong the female metal band of GIRLSCHOOL are coming back with a new album their 14th studio. Although the album has some very well-known guests like Biff Byford (SAXON), Phil Cambell (ex-Motorhead), Duff McKagan (GNR) covering “Born to raise hell” as the most fitting tribute to fallen comrade Lemmy, it has its own powerful songs that makes it a shiny diamond of pure heavy rock. The girls are in great shape and as always, they’re the metal ancestors of Suzie Quatro with a touch of ACDC.

They are never afraid to modernize their sound even to characterized as “industrial’; at songs like “It is what it is” and “Cold dark heart”. They got the boogie and the hard rock sound at the maximum at songs like “Barmy Army” and “Are you ready (feat Joe Stump)” and a bit of punk attitude “It’s a mess”. “Party” is an anthem of a generation of rockers who refuse to give up. At the end if you like good old heavy rock with stomping guitars and pounding drums, this is an album for you, a mix between “Nightmare at maple cross” and “Hit n run.”


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