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The band was formed in 2019,GOTUS  initially emerged as a live project conceived by guitarist Mandy Meyer (KROKUS/ KATMANDU) and drummer Pat Aeby. The band, boasting current and former and actual members of Swiss rock giants Krokus, Gotthard and Storace, regrouped in 2022 after a pandemic-induced hiatus from live performances. The lineup solidified with the addition of Ronnie Romero as frontman, bassist Tony Castell (ex-Krokus, Crystal Ball), and keyboardist Alain Guy, creating a dynamic and powerful quintet.So the main question is what will they sound and to whom will they appeal.

After Listening to the album, the answer was quite clear , not to say obvious. GOTHARD, WHITESNAKE, KATMANDU are the main influences that the band chose to honor and serve..They even cover  'When the Rain Comes' (Katmandü) and 'Reason to Live' (Gotthard). But after all GROTUS are a band on their own, who like their hard rock, melodic with big guitars and great hook lines, a bit heavier version of GOTTHARD in my opinion.they have the songs to back it up such as "Love Will Find Its Way", "Reason to live' AND "Undercover"  along more heavy rockers such as 'Beware Of The Fire' and 'Weekend Warriors.' . Romero dones a more than decent job proving his soft spot for melodic hard rock where he really shines, while the band targets the best of european melodic hard rock.

Expect music for those who like GOTTHARD, KROKUS and FOREIGNER, nothing more, nothing less with some more than decent songwriting and edge performances.



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