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Gov't Mule-"Heavy load blues"

Gov't Mule "Heavy load blues" is a great album based on the traditional aspect of blues with the addition of the magnificent guitar work of Warren Haynes, the tight band and they provide cover of well selected blues songs where every member ads its own personal seal. "Heavy load blues" is a traditional album with a modern twist. A jam band that stretches the twelve bars and takes the best out of them, adding small touches of genius by each player separately, making the sum been greater then the added parts. A rewrite of well, or not so well known songs, adding their own distinctive tone and sound.

The jazzy "Make it rain"(Tom Waits), the traditional jam of “Snatch It Back And Hold It” by Junior Wells, the rocking "Brother Bill" (Animals), the slow burner "I asked her for water, she gave me gasoline" (Howlin Wolf), their own take at Bobby Bland's "Ain t love in the heart of the city", a song well known to everyone by the WHITESNAKE version, that gets a proper GM treat, getting darker and more heartbreaking. The Delta blues infused "Heavy load" with its acoustic overtones. The funky "Feel like breaking up Somebody's house" is a fine example on how GM understand the "traditional " blues. From Tom Waits to Howlin Wolf, Gov't Mule incorporate their own intriguing musical talent, making the old blues, even more heart aching and desperate and far more intriguing musically.

"Heavy blues" is a blues album above and beyond. A blues album performed by a band who knows the blues, as they know ragimte, soul, rock n roll, southern rock, coutnry rock and everything in between. Without stepping out of the traditional territory, they deliver their blues, electric and eclectic. Of course Warren Haynes deep, gravy voice adds more to the songs and this album stretches far beyond a traditional tribute to the roots album. Slow or fast, gravy or light, the songs grow with every listening and let you discover the various colors that each member add to the long jams that consist the blues songs. Long in duration is an album for music lights and not single lovers. Dim the lights, pour some whiskey and let the blues take your pain away.


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