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Hallas - "Isle of wisdom"

When Sweden decided that retro rock would be the name of the game, few could imagine bands like HALLAS would show up and compete for the crown. Already in their fourth album (ep counted in) this Swedish quintet are masters of their game. Wearing on their sleeve their influences proudly ,they praise WISHBONE ASH and URIAH HEEP in their own unique way. The album is a fine, balanced mix of lyricism, melody, heaviness and power. Like a double edge sword can cut both sides, depending on the way it finds you.

From its epic, magical moments like "Stygian Depths" and "Earl's theme' and "The inner theme" to the more down to earth hard rock , yet melodic ones at a"Elusions Gate" this is an album , definitely at the bloodline of Argus. If you read into this sound and the vocals of Tommy Alexandersson are of your taste you like to spend our daydreaming listening to "Isle of wisdom"


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