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HEROES AND MONSTERS- "Heroes and monsters"

In the paper, this collaboration seems more than promising. One of the most underrated Hard rock guitarists, Stef Burns with a great tenure in Y&T, but in the grunge heyday, unfortunately. One of the few honest, rocker to the bone, frontmen/bass player Todd Kerns of the new generation of sleaze rock kings, SLASH FEATURING MYLES KENNEDY AND THE CONSPIRATORS where he noted as bass player and back up singer and Will Hunt ,a seasoned musician, currently drummer for EVANESCENCE The trio could be ideal to rework the classic US hard rock/sleaze sound to something fresh and vivid, in the way ECLIPSE did with melodic Scandinavian Hard rock.

In reality, in real life the guys prefer a down to earth, heavy rock sound with some modern elements, especially in the guitar's tuning and distortion. A bit more like Nu metal decides to become US hard rock, they deliver an album, enjoyable, yet heavy and most of all without the catchy feeling of their original bansa songs. This is the main disadvantage of the album. The songs are well executed, heavy but not memorable.The most memorable effort is the SWEET cover of 'set me free", mainly due to the cathiness of the original. For those who prefer more bands like LYNCH MOB and the newest era of US Hard rock when metal and especially nu metal elements got in, this would be a great listenig. For others, like myself who prefer a great chorus, than some heavy parts in their hard rock, it would be a miss the target situation, not by far, but missed.



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