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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

HOODOO GURUS - "Chariot of the gods"

Simple, plain, accurate-Australians , garage rockers. The definition of good music in three words. Big, bluesy, distorted riffs, groovy rhythm section and 60s influenced (surf/garage) backing vocals to the return in recording action, after a decade of these Aussies, legends of the underground. For fans of DUBROVNIKS, GODFATHERS, COSMIC PSYCHOS, BEASTS OF BURBON. Powerful, in your face rock n roll,soaked in Australian beer and smoked in the small clubs all around the world,

Sharp riffs, bluesy guitars and the salt form the surfing beach all over your face, in an album that needs a convertible car, tight jeans, whiskers and long open road to drive and enjoy it. 'Chariot of the gods' is what its tile says, extraterrestrial for the Spotify generation but who gives a fuck bout them? The perfect soundtrack for a party at the Thunderdome with Mel Gibson taking back his crown at the no mans land regulator.


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