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Joanna Connor- "4801 South Indiana Avenue"

Sometimes you need Joe Bonamassa to get in touch with an artist like Joanna Connor. Her "4801 South Indiana Avenue" is a great Chicago blues album and her 14th. Bonamassa produced the album and more. From the opener "Destination" with Jimmy Hall, the honky tonk piano and the venomous blues /slide guitar are ever present. "Come back home" is a traditional blues boogie that drags listeners to its rhythm with the slide guitar driving the joint crazy. "Bad news" is in the classic form of the slow ,painful twelve bars blues with some great guitar and even more soulful vocals, reminiscent of George Benson."I feel so good" is a great boogie song, in the Bo Diddley vein.'For the love of a man" is a great Chicago blues, with thrilling guitar, horns and some breathtaking performance."Please help" is a twelve bar barnstormer, ready to set the joint on fire.

"4801 South Indiana Avenue" is a soulful, blues album, filled with originals, that is based on the tradition, the fire in Connors heart and her great ability to raise hell with her guitar/slide guitar playing and voice. For those who are stuck at the details, Bonamassa takes part in "Part time love' and "In my time" a slow, blues/rap composition, with a hypnotic beta/background making this great blues album even better. An album for purists and more, polishing the old blues sound making them shine again.


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