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Joanne Shaw Taylor- "Nobody's fool"

Joanne Shaw Taylor aint for sure , no more the bright , young, white future star-blueswoman. She is a seasoned musician who has put in her music the diversity and color needed to be among the leaders in the modern blues scene. From the traditional to the more sentimental "The Leaving kind' , Taylor has incorporated in her sound classic rock, blues, soul in "Just no getting over you", country / dark americana at "Bad blood" all in good measure and with good taste. Her collaboration with Joe Bonamassa at the production chair gave her the polish she needs in her sound. Moving from the wannabe , golden blues girl to the worldwide approved and accepted artist she is with her two latest works, Taylor changed to a more mature, diversified blues woman who knows to keep the guitar fireworks for the live shows and craft songs that demand airing not only at the blues radio stations.

With BB King, Gary Moore, Albert Collins, Robert Cray all being part of her musicianship and songwriting, Taylor moves easily between the tradition and the Sun sound to the more modern 00s sound that flirts with alternative rock and FM rock. At the end of the day she dares to cover "Missionary man" (EURYTHMICS) and keep the blues origins in songs like "Bad blood" and the more rocking "Won't be fooled again" penned by Mr.Bonamassa himself. But it is at songs like "New love" where her soul influences shine, the horns add more depth in her songwriting and sound and the Blues brothers nod at her. JST is no more the new girl in town. With her latest album is the marshall who commands the audience with her six string and is definitely nobody's fool.


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