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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

Levara- "Levara"

Modern radio friendly rock with some great pop overtones. This power trio has the brilliance of father Lukather but his son (the bands guitarist) along with his partners in crime don't get caught in the family name trap. Instead they choose a more fresh and innovative way, playing music that owes more to bands like MUSE,STYX and Supergrass than TOTO, BOSTON and Giant.

They deliver powerful melodic songs that ask for more airplay, "Automatic", "Heaven knows" are soundtrack to the awful teenage NETFLIX series and bring smiles to those of us who were thinking as modern AOR/FM rock a lost cause.'On for the night" is a small masterpiece of melodic rock alignment with pop sensibility. NOISEWORKS, INXS, CHOIRBOYS, GLASS TIGER and even SNOW PATROL at "Chameleon" all these unidentified, unregistered bands comes to mind along IT BITES, Kim Mitchell and trust your instinct, LEVARA are a song away of breaking big, even bigger than TOTO at the Spotify generation.


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