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MAGNUM-"Here comes the rain"

By the time the album was out we heard about Tony Clarkin's health issues. It wasn't not long after we were informed of his passing . So this is the final studio album from a band that should have been bigger , but time and choices didn't let them to.

The album is another late era MAGNUM work. Full with melodies, Clarkin's characteristic melodic lines, Catley on top form in studio, something he seldom manages on their live performances, a tight rhythm section that elevates the song and some tasteful keyboard work to make the songs a bit more catchy. So if you are familiar with MAGNUM after their reunion "Here comes the rain" si among their good album, with songs like "Here comes the rain" and "Broken city", "Borderline", "I wanna live" while on "Blue Tango" Clakin pays homage to Billy Gibbons and the Texan blues rock scene with mesmerizing blues rock riff, Texas style.

Overall a work that comes as a fitting closure to and who were always a good and sometimes excellent in their pomp rock, melodic Hard rock.


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