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Mike Onesko's guitar army- "Last stand"

American guitarist Mike Onesko returns with another blizzard of blues based , guitar oriented material. Blues rock, power trio, classic rock, heavy rock are all in these powerful album. The groovy rhythm section along with the devastating guitar are the main piece of resistance of the album. 'Chains of my mind" may have the voice a bit back but it is the guitar soloing that makes the difference. Onesko is along Frank Marino, Gary Moore, Ted Nugent, one of the white guitar masters that love the 60s, Clapton, CREAM but also MOUNTAIN and Leslie West and of course Hendrix.

His case is easier to follow as the blues influences and the CREAM essence is all around along with the blues, Chicago especially. "Poison" is another fine example of modern heavy rock blues by a man who knows his craft. "City of lights" has the Southern essence that is common among the blues players of his generation and reminds of the early BLACKFOOT. At the end of the day, the album is a strong, guitar driven album with the assistance of the rest of the band that delivers the modern heavy blues , with passion, conviction and an urge to deliver the message and preach to the younger generation.


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