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MOIST-"End of the ocean"

Coming out in the grunge peak did not help MOIST. The Canadians are a far more complex band with pop sensibilities and a post rock feeling. Their new album "Ocean", a return,after a long hiatus, strives between piano led semi cinematic songs like "High on it" , BEATLESesque pop songs with shadows stain the melodies "Party's over" and modern post grunge rock anthems with pop sensibilities like "Tarantino". The opener "Ammunition" is a fine alternative rock track, with ALARM and Brian Adams echoing in the same song, with its FM accessibility and in the same style follows the "End of the ocean', upbeat and anthemic. "Put the devil in it" is a perfect example on how MOIST balances between melody and darkness, with some haunting organ rises at the song's bridge to give its place to some old school guitar soloing.

Overall the album is dark, cinematic and introvert , an album for the cell phone generation. An album to listen with earphones, staring at the dark sea, gazing to nowhere and everything. Melancholic, esoteric and deeply melodic, "End of the Ocean" is an album that will accompany you at the more inner moments, successfully. From SMASHING PUMPKINS to MUSE with all the melodic moments of grunge in the middle (i.e. STAIND) MOIST succeed in rejuvenating a lost genre. "Dying for a light in the dark '' reminds us of the Lost in the Twilight saga movie a past not so long ago, but definitely a way of thinking and acting that has been long gone.

Listening to the MOIST compared with the majority of modern rock bands ,shows exactly why the post rock bands of the 90s had more to give then the corporate plastic rock of the millennium.


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