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MONSTER MAGNET- "A better dystopia"

When we talk about cover albums we won't talk about this one.MONSTER MAGNET and their evil mastermind Dave Wyndorf took a bunch of obsolete and absurd proto metal, garaze, proto punk, psychedelic songs and made them their own. It wasn't difficult as MONSTER MAGNET are a heavy band stacked in the 60s somewhere between Detroit and New York.

For "Better dystopia" they cover songs by HAWKWIND,FUZZTONES, POOBAH, JERUSALEM, DUST,MORGEN, PRETTY THINGS and othersmost of them cult heroes in their own unique way. Heavy, fuzz, distorted guitar driven songs with chanting choruses like a litany to hell. Imagine yourself stuffed with acid tablets ,soaked in cheap whiskey, missing the STOOGES concert and instead get in a small underground basement club where MONSTER MAGNET defies gravity and launches heavy riffs and spacey rhythm section parts to the dark night sky.

MONSTER MAGNET delivers another really good album where we have all their trademark elements infiltrated through their own musical influences. A tribute to the past or the visit of the past to todays MM, nobody knows, nobody but the wha wah pedals that distorting the universe to let Dave Wyndorf do what he does best, circulate distortion over our mental health and damned me if we don't love it."Born to go" is a blaster, "Epitaph for a head" is a lysergic bad trip and "Solid gold hell" is a strip down iron fist smashing your jaw.8

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