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NESTOR-"Kids in a ghost town"

Another welcome surprise from Sweden in the AOR genre. A band that takes the best from MEATLOAF, Bonnie Tyler, TOTO, GIANT and along with their charismatic touch in writing great emotional, bombastic, pompous, AOR anthems deliver a wet dream for the genre lovers.

Their far more traditional and rock oriented than NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA with less Disco elements and influences but with the pop sensibilities that makes power ballads like 'It aint me" running the Zippos out of gas and the arenas asking for more beers. On the other side songs like "On the run" with its outrageously catchy chorus and "Perfect 10" (eyes like Demie Moore) with its glorious references and name checks to all the great actors of the 80s, Demie Moore, Sharon Stone are making the listening of the album a guilty pleasure for all of us who raised like men in a non me#2 world. "Stone cold eyes" is another magnificent example on how a killer chorus can hook up with honey dripped keyboards like TOUCH meet, DRIVE SHE SAID , REO SPEEDWAGON and drive at Malibu in a convertible. Another plus although the song is among the weakest in the album is "Tomorrow" featuring the one and only 80s legend Samantha Fox. "These days" is the perfect example of a song that reminds a decade of AOR and still has its own flavor and character and that is what NESTOR are all about. "We re not ok" is another fine example of an emotionally charged song that brings back the glory days of the mid tempo songs.

Fun lovin, high spirited ,melodic AOR that just takes your breath away and is among the best debuts of the 21st century in the genre along with NFO. Highly recommended for all the AOR lovers.


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