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New Model Army- "Unbroken"

Justin Sullivan and co returned with their latest studio work and are in fine form. The first thing you notice is the change in their sound. Still aggressive, yet more post punk and less metalic it brings in mind the days of white coats and vengeance. But in reality is the way Sullivan feels the pulse of the modern world and transcribed it in songs. After all these years, Brexit, the rise of the extreme right and left wing parties, the gunshots that Europe has imported from the US,COVID and the constant economical and social value crises, you would expect that Sullivan would bury the hatchet.

On the contrary, sharp edged lyrics and marching rhythms are the core of songs like the deadly shotgun for 'Reload' or the fist in your face "The first summer after". Big companies, multinationals, obligatory retirements, climate changes and people abuse are all front and center in their songwriting. Sullivan not only sounds angry and aims at the heart of the problem, people's behaviour. He uses the band's tight, musical status in order to deliver a musical timebomb that echoes the alternative of the 90s, in a stripeped down way. NEW MODEL ARMY left the introspective period of the early years of the 21st century and driven by the man who along with Nick Cave are the Bob Dylans of our generation, are charging against poverty, ignorance and self isolation. Solidarity is a meaningful word for them.

On the contrary with bands who sell the "revolution" aspect to the youngsters, NMA rare mature troubadours who with their bare feet on the dirty soil, fight for another day, with dignity and humanity, Their more post puk approach adds agressivens to their sounds without the blur of the metal inclinations they show at some points of their previous works but also adds sharpness and less optimism comparing to their previous albums. With songs like 'Deserters" we all know that Justin Sullivan can retreat but never compromise and even if it is a lonely Don Quixote he will never stop fighting the windmills of our ever changing, man grinding times.

Hopeless romantic or dedicated revolutionare, Sullivan and New Model Army Keep the flag and the spirits high once more.


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