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Ronnie Romero- "Raised on heavy radio"

Ex RAINBOW, LORDS OF BLACK, ELEGANT WEAPONS, Solo artist Chilean Ronnie Romero releases the well known cover/tribute to my influences album. This is the second one after his AOR covers album.We already know the colour of his voice and his abilities. It is the selection of the songs he covers that shows he is a clever man and definitely better at selecting than singing. His approach at RAINBOW was inadequate despite the similarities in his voice to that of Dio. Here he is taking a more clever approach. Singing "The battle rages on" a DEEP PURPLE song that is not among their biggest hits, gives him the chance to show off without comparisons and the result to be fair is more than satisfying.

The album choices includes MANOWAR, MALMSTEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ACCEPT, IRON MAIDEN, RAINBOW , Malmsteen, METALLICA, giving its weight to the more heavy side of Romeros armoury. Don't we forget he recently did another cover version album with mostly AOR songs. He is an adequate singer with a great back up band to help him. The choice of the songs proves he has the guts to step out of his comfort zone.The result is another covers album that won't stand out but won't disappoint either, especially those who are into this kind of covers/tribute albums.

Some covers are memorable like "Metal daze", "The shining", "You don't remember" others like "Hallowed be thy name", "No more tears" will be easily and fast forgotten. For fans of tribute albums this is a decent one.


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