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Skid Row- "The gang's all here "

SKID ROW are not a wash out band of the past, a relic of the Sunset strip era. Rejuventaed with new singer and ex mainman of H.E.A.T -Erik Gronwall, a cancer survivor with balls and voice to tear down a skyscraper, are back with a vengeance. Dirty and heavy, equally dirty and down to earth they blast with the smashing opener in 'Hell or high water' to keep the demolition with thew anthem-ic same titled song, before they unleash the groove beast of 'Not dead yet". This album could be the lost successor to 'Slave to the grind' and definitely separates them from most of the bands of their generation as they have the swagger, the groove, th eagerness to smash the wall of the consumers/corporate rock of our days and the pensioners sleaze tours of the 80s long gone heroes who live on autotune and public scandals. "Gangs all here" with its additive hook line at the chorus wont take any prisoners among the lame metal/hard rock bands of today.

The fire its here burning brighter and stronger. listen to in your face "Not dead yet", "Resurrected', the groovy 'Tear it down". The mid tempo "Octobers down' is another fine example of a band who knows that time pass and they adjust their sound to this modern heartbreaking epic. Closer 'worlds on fire' is an instant classic, , a modern dark rocker with some amazing aggressive guitar, pointing out that SKID ROW is not "another hair metal band". The gang is back, youthful, full of energy with a great modern sound ,no fat, stripped to its sheer musical power production, ready to take over as the old bands need an auto tune and samples to survive their stadium tours. The choice is yours.



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