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Song of the week- Billy Gibbons-Matt Sorum (Cardboard sessions)

t is an absolute honor to have Billy F Gibbons and Matt Sorum here for the latest Cardboard Sessions! Gibbons, the legendary blues-rock guitarist and frontman of ZZ Top, is a man of distinctive style, both in his music and his persona. With his signature fiery guitar riffs, gritty blues-infused sound, and distinctive style, he has influenced countless musicians and captivated audiences worldwide. So, when he walks in with a song he wrote specifically for Cardboard Sessions about this Cardboard Guitar, it’s was wild! Pair all of this insanity with Matt Sorum, an exceptional drummer whose powerful and dynamic style was the bedrock for Guns N’ Roses, among many other bands we’ve all blasted through our speakers over the years. Enjoy this song written off the cuff, in true blues form with two absolute legends. Welcome to Cardboard Sessions. A jam format music series that brings musicians together to play instruments built and designed by the creators of Cardboard Chaos. A creative exploration for the love of music and the chance to hear something original. No rehearsals, no plan. The moment when a creative spark hits and you dig deep to explore the realm.

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