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Steve Lukather -"Bridges"

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 20 Δεκ 2023

With TOTO on an unforeseeable recording hiatus, mainman Steve Lukather returns with a new solo work that works as the closest to TOTO you should expect to hear. Modern AOR/Melodic rock from the opener "Far from over" a melodic rocker with heavy guitars and great melodies especially at the chorus with modern sound and feeling, showing Lukather is eager to move on, incorporating radio friendly production,and some great (expected) soloing. The stuff you would expect if Phil Collins had better choice in guitar collaborators in his solo works adding the distortion Lukatrher seems to love so much. "Not my kind of people '' is a meaty rocker with funk colors and a giant groove rhythmic section reminiscent of late days TOTO (guess you expected that). "Someone" continues the soft rock series with some great, prolonged guitar solos.

"All forevers must end '' is the first piece of resistance of the album, a bluesy, modern, Gary Moore inspired ballad with Lukather at prime time and form and great vocal delivery. The hitmaker feeling strikes again at the catchy pop rocker of "When i see you again" a song that Hue Lewis and NIGHTRANGER or CHICAGO could easily put in their setlist."Take my love" sees Lukather getting back and successfully to his blues roots with another laid back tune that Joe Cocker would give an arm and a leg to sing, the song been upgraded by some excellent female backing vocals and all the jazzy/blues elements we loved in TOTO. Then you have "Burning bridges" an uptempo blues rock tune with pop sensibilities, a bit New Orleans, abit FM rock it swings and swaggers , being drunk at a late night joint asking the listener to embrace it. Finally another modern FM rock song closes the album with a mid tempo rhythm and some great guitar work and some PINK FLOYD references in its anthemic bridge as the song escalates.

TOTO and Lukather trademark sound are all over the place combined with Lukathers songwrtig skills and top band performance. The best thing to lsiten if you re a TOTO fan in the absence of the original band.


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