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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

STEW-"Taste"(Uprising records)

Retro rock with some more heavy twist. "Still got the time" is a song where Y&T meets LED ZEPPELIN to cover MOUNTAIN and the result is a grinder. A monolithic heavy riff over which the groove take all over the place, with no mercy for th) sensitive ears of rappers, trappers and pop lovers or those who like the corpse paint and the spandex rule their "metal". Actually the ghost of Plant,Page,Bonham and Jones are all over the place. "You dont need me' is another example of retro rock with some ethnic twist and a great overtone by Rpry Gallgher at the guitar solo ing."All that i need" is a fine example of their muscular, groovy 70s influenced hard rock with CREAM, LED ZEPPELIN, MOUNTAIN and early SCORPIONS joint to worship the six string and the Gods of Rock n roll.

The band as you understand is a power trio , originated from Lindesberg ,Sweden but they could have come from UK of the 70s with no doubt 'bout their origins. Straightforward, groovy, guitar driven hard rock with excellent male (at last) vocals from a singer who likes to sing and not scream, over the groovy melodies of the band. An add to their sound is the powerful drumming of Dahlgen and the tight sound along with guitarist's Jansson influences who include enough psychedelia, to make an old hippie cry and then listen to "When lights go out" a song fro which Gary Moore would kill to write,and definitely to play at. An album that praises the 70s and knows how not to become vintage, retro etc. A strong release that has to be listened to.


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