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Tania Kikidi-"Rock n roll paradise"(Grooveyard records)

Greek rock singer Tania Kikidi a well known locally singer, joins forces with guitarist Stavros Papadopoulos (Revolution Highway, Super Vintage, Shadowplay Project (Rory Gallagher Tribute), Hard Driver, Freerock Saints, Universal Hippies) and some other Greek guitar slingers and presents her solo album. An album full of ballsy rockers with most and above all great guitar work based mostly on the 70s and 80s.

From the Ted Nugent riff driven "Queen rider" to the more melodic heavy rock in the vein of Dokken, House of Lords ``Eye of the storm and in between the album is filed with guitar frenzy and a singer that her voice is reminiscent of Ann Wilson, Doro and Jutta Weinhold (ZED YAGO). Her 70s origins and her voice abilities are better sounding at groovy rockers like "Feel my soul rockin". In conclusion this is a groovy,heavy rock album with lots of references to 70s,80s hard rock and classic rock. The major disadvantage is the guitar players who sometimes overshadow the singer with their love and devotion to the six string mistress. Otherwise this is a great female fronted rock album less ISSA and more HALESTORM, SOUL PILLS .

Tania Kikidi delivers the goods with a great set of pipes and the attitude of a real rock n roll singer and RnR heaven is more than words, its a reality. But she needs more songs like "You keep me true" to let her voice stretch, groovy and rocking, than the speed and noisy like " Night burner", "Save me" songs that could have come from LA of the 80s. "Escape" is another great example of the melodic rock style the album serves. Great voice if you re still in this style, but with Frontiers dominating the genre, the competition is hard even for such a good vocalist. The closing power ballad "The last goodbye" just reassures the listener on Kikidi's power pipes amazing abilities.


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