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TANITH - "Voyage"

One of the "underground" bands of the revivalists, 70s influenced Heavy metal/Hard rock as they're also very close to NWOBHM, TANITH return with their new full length work. What you should expect, NWOBHM twin guitars, the spirit of the mighty "Argus" all over and great male (Russ Tippins (ex SATAN-PARIAH)) and female vocals by bass player/singer Cindy Maynard exchanging verses and creating mighty , fire emblazoned songs. The old English traditions revive through TANITH songs. The spirit of the old times, where the fog of time crosses the history and fantasy, a time before Christianity and after the old pagan times, pre medieval,

"Snow tiger" is an exercise in heavy metal melody the way it was crafted in Northern England at the glory years between 78-82. But the band has a bag full of riffs and ideas as it shows at "Falling wizard" with melody rules the final result without ever getting mellow or cheesy."Olympus by dawn", is at the same pace and then comes one of the album highlights "Architects of time" a song full of lyricism that could easily be part of the "Argus" track list although has an addictive bridge that is catchy as any ABBA song and a middle section with guitars on fire in true early IRON MAIDEN fashion."Mother of exile" keeps the line of uptempo rockers with the twin guitar attack leading . "Seven moons" is a bit more progressive, lengthy and heavy. "Flame" is a short and sweet heavy rock masterpiece with some GENESIS influences rising from the melodies."Never look back" is a heavier tune with great guitar as all the album, but leaning more to the Sheffield heroes with great riffs and razor sharp licks.

An album that could be among the great heavy rock albums between 79-82 and inspiring the younger bands but it is written and released in 2023 , without a trace of lust for the past. Classic melodic heavy rock that sound and is timeless and quality music for the genre aficionados.


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