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THE CARBURETORS- "Drinking from the skulls of our enemies"

Rock n roll is simple and THE CARBURETORS prove it. Heavy, distorted guitars, sing along choruses, in your face music and you have "Drinking from the skulls of our enemies" "Hurricane" starts the party, a bit RUNNING WILD, a bit OSTROGOTH a bit ACDC, abit AIRBORNE a lot of MOTORHEAD is just hard rock on speed and it makes is pint clear and loud.This bunch of Norwegian rockers stands between TURBONEGRO and MOTORHEAD and they play as Lemmy used to say "Rock n roll". Nothing more nothing less.

"Rock until you die" is a simple and equally effective statement. In amore twelve bar the MOTORHEAD way , effective statement you have "Remember my name' a song Lemmy could easily make a guest appearance, maybe he does form the sky. They have their more "sensitive" monets at "endless nights" , a mid tempo that grows to ammonster when the electric guitars speed up the things. "Twelve o clock high", "Running wild"are in your face distorted heavy rock n roll anthems but it is "Shake it" that takes it to the other level like Bill Haley on speed just discovering the power of a distortion pedal. "Living on the road" is another ACDC/MOTORHEAD anthem but CARBURETORS have their own sound and they nail it. "Revenge" is as the name implies, a wink to MOTORHEAD and we enjoy it to lest roff, to the last growl."The way you rock n roll" closes the album in true rock n roll fashion, full of twelve bar distorted rock n roll and a nice duet with female vocalist its Rock n roll and it satisfies my soul as Lemmy sings and the guys knows how to play it, straight in your face, no limits, no brakes.

.These rockabilly-garage rock rebels who love heavy metal rock n roll and distortion are the classic old time rock n roll rebels who talk to every outlaw from the honky tonk bar of Texas to the darkest joint in Oslo and the ouzo wasted rock bars in Athens. Rock n roll is the only universal music language and THE CARBURETORS are among its best translators.


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