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The Damn Truth- "This is who we are now"

Canada's new big hope in retro/traditional ,70s influenced hard rock comes on our turntables with "This is who we are now". The Damn Truth are Lee-la Baum (lead vocals/guitar), Tom Shemer (Lead guitars), PY Letellier (Bass0, Dave Traina (Drums). Their new album,their third, is full of anthemic ,guitar driven hard rock in the vein of BAD COMPANY, PAT TRAVERS, LED ZEPPELIN, early HEART with the magnificent vocals of Lee- La Baum taking the lead and the harmonies where all the other members participate upgrading the final result. A touch of Anastasia meets Grace Slick gives a deep, soulful voice who commands in favor of the music and the songs , letting the vocal extremities skip the landscape. "Tomorrow" could be easily on any Van Halen -Hagar period album as also at any Thunder album and been among the standing out ones.Powerful she helps the whole imagery come to reality.

A bit psychedelic "Lonely", a bit rocking "The fire", a bit out of this world, melancholic and sensitive "Everything fades', the Zep-esque "Shot em" with its epic overtones, a song that could be at IV easily, they create muscular songs for those who like their rock unpretentious and sweaty,yet sensitive enough and most and above all trippy. Hippies in their heart, they finished the album during the pandemic and although six songs were produced by Bob Rock , the rest had to be finalized with another producer. Still the album is full of youthful enthusiasm and optimism like "Only love'. They love music, they love the world and all this comes out in every note, in every world. Embrace their music and love will conquer you.


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