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The Temperance movement- "Covers and Rarities"

Once a big hope for British retro rock, today a vivid, mature hard rock scheme, seasoned on stages and with a new singer, TM releasing an album full of covers and rarities. A release to prove to any misled infidel, that they have the influences and the guts to honor them. LED ZEPPELIN, David Bowie, DEEP PURPLE (with the participation of Ian Paice) along with some Brit pop, BLUR (Tender), OASIS (Up in the sky) along with some of their own songs and the truth is bare naked laid in front of us.

From the DP cover where the band gives its own funk tempo, to the heartbreaking "Mothers eyes" the retro scene as it was defined by BLACK CROWES and QUIREBOYS is here, present and loud. TM have their own identity, bit ROLLING STONES, bit FACES, bit HUMBLE PIE, they deliver their rock brassed, smoked and with passion. Down to earth , they play the best, as music pours out of their hearts like the fountain of truth. Not overindulging they prefer to put the effort in being realistic and sensitive.

They won't rediscover America with such an album, but they'll reinstate the faith of their followers, that the true belief and love for music, is still in their hearts burning like a never ending fire.


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