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The blues have their own ritual and VINTAGE TROUBLE are well aware of that. Gospel, honky tonk, New Orleans and rock n roll blended in a charming mix. Soul driven "You already know" is the first icebreaker in an album hot as hell fire.Vintage Trouble is a band from LA consisting of lead vocalist Ty Taylor, guitarist Nalle Colt, bassist Rick Barrio Dill, and drummer Richard Danielson. This wrecking crew has blended everything like in "Baby what you do" with its Do Wop, 50s and soul influences, a book out of the STAX best songbook with Ty Taylor proves himself more than the clasic rock singer with deep velvet voice and emotion.

"Feelin on" is a great soul infused, grooving dance rock tune followed by "The love that once lingered" a funky tune straight from 70s New York, groovin 'and shakin', a monster of groove with some great bass lines.. Classic rock and FM combined in "Alright alright" an uplifting tune ready for major airplay.VINTAGE TROUBLE are the real deal as they live and breath 50s 60s rock n roll and Soul and "Holla" is a prime time example with the ROLLING STONES influences all over but with the VINTAGE TROUBLE sign all over it."Shinin" is what the tile says an up tempo rock song with some feelin good funk groove."Repeating history" is a mid tempo blues based song that just grooves and grabs the listener with is smoothness and a great Hendrix a like solo that change songs direction and caught you by surprise, another great performance by

VINTAGE TROUBLE. "Heavy hymnal" is as the title says a collection of songs where passion meets the groove, 50s, 60s and 70s blend as does funk,soul and blues and a bit of FM rock. The final result is among the more enjoyable albums of the year for those who love groove over distortion.


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