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VOLBEAT- "Servant of mind"

When METALLICA met rockabilly, VOLBEAT were born and they haven't stopped to surprise us and aim for world domination. Their new album is another compilation of rock a billy y metal dance songs like "Wait a minute my girl", songs to let you get your worries behind you. But on the other hand their metal origins are far more than obvious, they cry out their heritage in songs like "The sacred stones" a BLACK SABBATH infused song "Tony Martin " era with a touch of Eastern influences as we learned to approve them in our music by RAINBOW. "Shotgun blues" is a reminder to METALLICA, that losing your cell phone with the backup riffs is a bad idea, cause someone else, VOLBEAT in our case may find it and use it properly. Razor sharp riffs over a tight rhythm section at a song that will be a ive favorite, when we will return to the real concerts."The devil rages on" comes close to the best of the dark Elvis, but it is VOLBEAT till the last rock n roll growl."

Say no more" is another example of how heavy metal maybe trivial and yet pleasurable, reminiscent of the glory days of 'Ride the lightning" with the usual rock n roll cover attributes. "Dagen For" is a great chance to promote Denmark's own new artists and have Stine Bramsen sing a great pop oriented song that has a THIN LIZZY vibe and some ear catching melodies. But metal is their business and VOLBEAT are good at their work as "The passenger" proves, metal without losing its originality and its FM approach. Dark metal psychobilly with country shades at "Step into light". "Becoming" is a return to the metal normality with the VOLBEAT melodic chorus adding the extra strength and some oriental melodic lines on guitars making the song a bit more exotic."Mindlock" goes on the same pace, melodic VOLBEAT metal with riffs that could demolish a ten store building in seconds. "Lasse's Birgitta" just adds more pain to their slow growing riff o rama, entering the thrash metal zone , heading for the mosh pit with no hesitation,eager for fist fight and spit."

If you re a fan of the band get yourself the deluxe edition. Listening to their cover of Domino"(CRAMPS/Roy Orbinson) ends the album in a true rockabilly metal way, like a real honky tonk joint having METALLICA clones as their house band, covering CRAMPS . Whatever is your choice, VOLBEAT again released the metal rockabilly album of the year.


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