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ATOMIC FREAK-"Nuclear meltdown"

Ever wondered if Bon Scott has a twin vocal brother. Your question now can be answered. ATOMIC FRΕAK are a down to earth , US hard rock band that wake up in the morning and sleep late at night listening to early ACDC, Blues and a bit of Southern rock. If they decide to tour as a Bon Scott era AC/DC tribute band I would pay good money to see them on stage. Rough, edgy, dirty, twelve bar ,distorted blues soaked in beer and whiskey. ATOMIC FREAK are disciples of no fillers, in your face, blues based, hard rock that pick up the thread where ACDC left it when Scott died.

No compromise, riffs over groovy drums and stripped down, whiskey soaked vocals deliver the truth in the same way a few decades earlier THE FOUR HORSEMEN, TSOL, NEVADA BEACH tried but this time with more finesses and songwriting that starts the fine like a Molotov cocktail thrown at a gas station. If you're tired of listening to revivalists and plastic musicians, ATOMIC FREAK is the real deal.

No mystery on their identities, they are people who know how to play rock n roll and that should be sufficient to anyone of us who likes his music, dirty and groovy.


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