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AVATARIUM- 'Death where is your sting"

Doomy, slow, melancholic,epic are among the adjectives I can use to describe an album far beyond the sense of these words. Their new work is heavy and intense in sentiments without speeding and hardening their sound. A bit like an FM version of CANDLEMASS, AVATARIUM are dark, heavy ,melodic creating small elegies in their songs. The lyricism of the album is spread all around with the minor chord dominants? "The last great adventurer" it is an album of emotions that demands your full attention. You push the start button and let yourself travel in an astral journey of dark metallic sounds, psychedelia and melodic doom . Vastly emotional, introverted and dark melodic an album for music aficionados.

If the early BLACK SABBATH had made a pact with FAIRPORT CONVENTION and folk and doom metal would spread their poetic webs into each other, the result would be a bit like the AVATARIUM work. Songs like 'Nocturne' with its nightcolors , expresses their more melodic, yet gloomy sideThe band that .Features Leif Edling (bass), Marcus Jidell (guitar), Lars Sköld (drums), Carl Westholm (keyboards), and Jennie-Ann Smith (vocals) is moving from heavy/doom dynamites such as the opener 'A love like ours', a proto metal-neo goth anthem, to more sleaze/doom triumphs in 'God is silent" and 'Mother can you hear me now". The feelings are changing, the sentiments are pale and on the grief side but in reality, the album is filled with the power of abandonment, solitude, pain and resurrection from the depths of hell, personal, cosmic, earthly or mental. Mrs Smith delivers her vocals with surgical precision, like a Siren that demands and earns our attention, calling us to travel in the dark waters of AVATARIUM music.

A solid, grey album with much inner intense, mid tempo, volume and the suffering written all over the songs. An album to listen to and regret the mistakes and the wrong pathways you ever choose. An album celebration of becoming a mature human being, through pain, regrets and solitude. An album to listen to, especially iof bands like CANDLEMASS,SOLITUDE AETURNUS, OBSESSED, ST VITUS and of course Ozzy era, BLACK SABBATH.


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