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Buddy Guy- 'The blues don't lie"

As usual the old school of blues does the difference when it comes to the original sound. Buddy Guy is not an exception His guitar tone, his personal sound is what makes him stand out among other blues players. A very personal sound, Chicago based , yet with the acoustic peach of the cotton fields in it, it creates something very personal. The second best thing in this album is the various collaborations and the diversity of the issues he deals with. Standing out is his collaboration with Elvis Costello, a more alternative sound song at 'Symptom of love", the duet with Mavis Staples on the nostalgic 'We go back" and the "Gunsmone blues" with Jason Isbell a slow, deep in the heart aiming song about the violent outbursts in various US schools and Universities. Buddy Guy stands tall and talks his opinion with humor at or with his heart on his sleeve at.

His collaboration with drummer Tom Hambridge creates for the fifth time a stand out album where traditional sound meets his personal tone and his young at heart approach to modern life. This is a modern blues album in the way that it speaks about today's life and issues without limiting itself behind motives and old school approaches. An album with tons of humor , listen at 'Follow the money" with James Taylor and "What wrong with that" with Bobby Rush and courage to see beyond the twelve bars at the real society issues at "Gunsmoke blues". At the end of the day he needed one and only song to tell us the universal truth at 'The world needs love" and reminds us how great and why he is a great bluesman.

From traditional blues to more funky sounds he got the fire burning and the humor and courage of personal opinion to talk where others prefer to hide behind cliche. A great album for music lovers and more.


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