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Dan Patlansky-"Shelter of bones"

South African blues maestro Dan Patlansky is back with a soulful, groovy blues album that looks equally to CREAM and Chicago electric blues tradition."Snake oil city" is a groovy, Chicago blues style song ready to be served with some bourbon with little ice."Selfish lover" is a heavy load blues with some modern overtones showing Patlansky lives in 00s and not the early 60s as some blues musicians tend to."Lost' is a fine example on how Patlansky knows to blow emotionally on the air with his tasteful guitar licks over a mid tempo blues tune. But his hard edge side comes out in "Bad soul" a modern day, dark hard edge blues song with some nice distorted guitars riffing."Presence" has the more funky Patlansky showing a more commercial face and he does it well.

"I ll keep trying" has the deep soulful style that Gary Moore made known worldwide but the high note voice of Patlansky takes it away from the classic blues slow tune and makes it more interesting and contemporary."Hounds loose' is another example on why Patlansky has his own unique blues style, like a heavier Robert Cray, combining the classic blues with the more contemporary sound aiming to a wider more rock friendly audience.'Shelter of bones" closes the album in the way it started.A slow, dark tune that could easily be in an album by MUSE, RADIOHEAD etc if it wasn't for the tasteful guitar picking of Paltansky and the way he handles the melancholy of the song. An ethereal mid tempo song that expands his blues labeling to a more diversified future that belongs to him. Patlansky knows the drill and how to bring his version of the blues to a more mainstream audience.Trust the guy and you ll be rewarded.


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