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Jared James Nichols- "Jared James Nichols"

The album in my opinion is what IRON MAIDEN would sound like if they decided to make a blues album, or what would be a blues project by DIo’ s era BLACK SABBATH. Strong, distorted riffs , massive sound and great hooks and on top of them Jared James Nichols delivering his lines with strength, passion and vulgar power. The Nashville guitar slinger chooses his metal/ hard rock side to approach his blues and the result justifies him 100%. In your face heavy blues rock with a metallic edge, played in excellence by a guitarist who has anger, muscle and the sheer technique to deliver what he has in mind.

Deeply emotional, tight, and with a high sense of songwriting, Nichols album is on the left wing of the blues genre flirting openly with heavy rock and diversifying itself from the body of the blues traditionalists and the newest FM oriented generation. He demands and deserve your attention especially if your background is in heavy rock and you like a different more fresh and heavy approach in blues


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