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Kent Hill-'The rumble"

Good melodic, hard rock is a joy for the ears and when such a magnificent voice such as Kent Hill (PERFECT PLAN,GIANT) decides to make a solo album, (his first one) it is a double pleasure to listen more from him. You won't find anything more or less, than a singer who moves between Steve Perry and David Coverdale with a deep, melodic ,high pitching when needed voice in some more than adequate melodic rock songs.

Although Frontiers has major issues with the plastic sound of the last decade, as a result of using the same people to compose, record,produce, in cases like Hill, his voice takes the reins and leads the songs most of the time above the average. An album of melodic rock in the vein of WHITESNAKE, HOUSE OF LORDS, SHOUT, TREAT, EUROPE that you won't regret listening to. An album perfect to drive, dance, laugh and enjoy music listening to.


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