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MARILLION- An hour before it’s dark

Progressive rockers MARILLION came up with another album filled with haunting melodies, great lyrics and introversion. From the majestic, dark opener "Be hard on yourself", modern prog pop is here, catchy, simple in its complexity in its three part construction, an ode to old GENESIS and modern day PORCUPINE TREE by a band on its own merit. Strong, sentimental and with some elusive melodies that run all over you and wash away leaving the song traces to remind you this is a three piece song that haunts you for days. MARILLION never plays safe. They are looking for new ways to deploy their sensitivities mixing the classic progressive sound with their tendency to speak to the majority of music fans. Estetism was never their game. They don’t simplify their music but yet they are more than accessible even to the more narrow metal head of the more idle pop fan.

Their combination of power, complexity and melody creates for one more time a modern prog rock masterpiece destined to appeal to all good music aficionados. Light and shade, color and darkness in an album that has been born in the Covid darkness but with songs like "Reprogram the gene" shines in the brave new world we are destined or doomed to live. Full of modern landscapes and lyrics that embrace you to think over and over, with some great guitar work by Mr.Rothery , some delightful melodic lines by Mr.Hogarth and a tight and powerful rhythm section by Trewavas/Mosley. An hour before it’s dark is a stunning piece of music that challenges your way of listening to music in pieces, fractured and incoherent with its mental linearity. Another great work from the band that changed the game in creating music in the progressive scene, years ago and still opening new paths.


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