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Michael Schenker Fest- “Revelation”

Michael Schenker seems to have found the magic potion of musical rejuvenation in the collaboration of multiple singers in his latest albums. For one more time, great voices of the past Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet,Robin McAuley the present Doogie White and the future Ronnie Romero collaborate to give flesh to the musical dreams of the German guitar maestro. Musically we are in the early MSG albums of the Barden era, ballsy hard rock with screaming guitars and choruses who cry for thousands of lighters to lit the arenas. Some songs really stand out like “Silent again” and “Sleeping with the light on”, where in some other cases they’re just good heavy rock anthems like “Crazy daze” and “Lead you astray’. Overall this is an excellent heavy rock album with some of the finest voices of the genre, excellent guitar playing, melodic but heavy and articulate songwriting. A must for the fans of Mad Michael.


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