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Rosalie Cunningham - "Two piece puzzle"

Second solo work for ex PURSE vocalist and diversity is the name of the game. From vaudeville to classic rock, occult rock, progressive rock and theatrical moments, RS dares to challenge out musical conformism with their own good taste. Melody and her strong and emotional vocal lines along a tight musical arrangement are here to back up her musical dream.

A crossover between the 60s,70s, 00s and 30s without movιng away from the rock territory but also never being confined by it. Songs like "Donovan Ellington" , "Duet', "God is a verb" are joy for the ears as it is the rest of the album. If you have a soft spot for melodies and theatrical ιnspired music, maybe this is among the albums you'll spend 2022 listening to. If you are not, this is a great chance to discover this wonderful artist


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